Mills is one of the first plant nutrients producers to develop a bio-mineral line. The unique formula makes use of both organic and synthetic sources in order to optimize growth rates and yield, while also providing the best flavor and aroma.


This formula is the result of a decade’s worth of research, field testing and constant improvement. The formula proved to be successful when used by both large greenhouse and hobbyist growers, being an easy to use, versatile and effective booster that helped the plants reach their maximum potential. Years of trials and tribulations have led to a complete small lineup of products of unprecedented quality that are sure to provide all the nutritional elements needed. These are: Basis A and Basis B, Start-R, C4 and Ultimate PK.


The products’ unique composition makes them suitable for use in all growing mediums and regardless of the watering techniques. The Bio-Mineral formula surpasses organic nutrients by providing the plants with the boost they need. Moreover, unlike entirely synthetic nutrients which can build up in or on top of the soil, Mills Bio Mineral formula does not accumulate in the medium, thus giving the grower a tremendous advantage when pushing the plants to the limit.


A bit more about Bio-Mineral Fertilizers

Also known as Organo Mineral Fertilizers, these are made up of organic (such as composted animal and plant remains) and inorganic (chemical) substances. This innovative combination led to a versatile line of products, designed to deliver the best results regardless of the growing style.


Benefits of using a Bio Mineral formula:

The recent trend among growers of various plants was looking at yield more in terms of quantity than in terms of quality of the product. The aspect of symbiosis ( a form of coexistence between two organisms for mutual benefit) between the soil and the plant has also, been often neglected.


By using solely mineral (chemical) fertilizers, the accumulation of salts in the soil results in decreased microorganism activity that eventually leads to the soil dying (loosing its nutritive properties). By using the Mills bio mineral nutrient line, a grower can keep their grow medium activated. This activation triggers the symbiotic relation between the soil and the plant, thus ensuring the plant exudates (sugars, amino acids, organic acids and carbohydrates) back into the growth medium. This process benefits the grow medium allowing and enhancing the absorption of both synthetic and organic elements within the Mills line.


Why do Mills nutrients provide the best support for your plants throughout the growth process? These are just a few reasons:

• Provides essential trace elements improving absorption of nutrients.

• Stimulates photosynthesis

• Enhances cell division and protein synthesis leading to larger and denser fruit and flowers.

• Optimizes the transport of water and nutrients within the plant.

• Increases plant vitality and improves yield, flavor, and aromas.

• Stimulates the plant’s immune system limiting the use of pesticides

• Provides essential trace elements


By using Mills nutrients, you will not only increase your yield, but you will do so without sacrificing the quality of your plants. Aside from helping the plants develop by giving them a boost, the bio-mineral line of nutrients will enhance their taste and aroma.


Try Mills Nutrients and all your hard work will pay off.


Mills & DNA Genetics got together and designed an eco-friendly, ultimate growing solution

Two global leaders, DNA Genetics & Mills Amsterdam, proudly announce the launch of their Ultimate Mixes with cork. A brand new, innovative venture to offer organic growing solutions for the premium fast paced agricultural market. The combined expertise from both companies, gained from a heritage that stretches back well over a decade, have enabled us to produce two of the most progressive growing solutions to maximize plant growth and bloom enhancement. The new cork based soils from Mills and DNA are also very ec0-friendly, making this product line indeed the Ultimate solution.


The Ultimate Mixes are:

• 100% Natural

• Ready to use for indoor and outdoor (no mixing required)

• High aeration (no need for perlite)

• Rapid development of root system

• Compiled from the highest grade, 100% raw, natural materials

• Applicable for all plants, fruits and vegetables both indoor and outdoor

• DNA Genetics Ultimate Mixes combined with Mills nutrients will help maximize growth, flavour and natural aroma.


Facts About Cork

• Cork Oak Trees are NOT cut down to harvest cork.

• There are 6.6 million acres of cork forest in Europe

• Cork oak trees can live up to 300 years!

• Cork trees that are not stripped only live up to 100 years

• The cork bark is stripped by hand every 9-12 years

• Cork forests of Europe sustain the livelihoods of thousands of workers, not to mention the endangered Iberian Lynx, Iberian Imperial Eagle and the Barbary Deer.


These Cork forests absorb millions of tons of CO2 each year and are a vast provider of oxygen to our planet. The forests also provide the greatest defense against the desertification of this region. The cork forests are one of the most sustainable and environmentally harvested forests in the world. Using cork actually saves trees!